The Dead Exalt

Session #1: A Broken Family

Summary from the perspective of Oris [Shane]

It had been a long time since Oris felt truly accepted. However, sitting in that tavern with his new friends and watching them go about everything made him feel just that, a sense of having a place. Everything was good with his new family. Looking back, Oris should have known better. He was never destined for a simple life, and neither were his friends. Yet being the people that they were, when the little girl came stumbling into the bar, they couldn’t refuse her help.

Oris was very upset as he looked down at the little girl cradled in his arms. He moved swiftly to lay her down on the bed so that Amy, just a girl herself, could get a look at her and bind her injuries. Some were all too familiar to Oris. The long slash bruises of a whip. If anything else, maybe he could have overlooked it, but ever since that day years ago with his sister, whips had left a scar that wouldn’t leave Oris’s heart. He was overcome by a seething rage. He barely battled it down. He knew nobody here was responsible, and he had learned long ago to control his temper. When you are as big as Oris, it is easy to harm people by accident when you are mad.

After everything was settled with the girl, Lily by name, the group decided to help her and reunite her with her family if at all possible. It shouldn’t be that difficult. It would be hard to stop the five of them, all Solars and all very strong in different ways. This was clearly in evidence when you observe Amy, a delicate little girl, but she’d smile the entire time while her wolf mauled you if you had provoked her. Or Oris’s friend Jat, the smoothest man alive in Oris’s opinion, but if cornered, those knives where much more than decoration.

So they traveled and journeyed to Nexus. Most of the way Oris had a knot of worry in his stomach. This was the Guild’s home, and he wanted nothing else to do with that particular band of merchants, if they could even be called such.

Jat got them through the gates with relative ease with his fantastic smile. The group didn’t get very far before the first objective was side-lined because Jynx the infuriating had been taken. Oris didn’t much care for that particular cat. Jynx harbored some ill will after Oris became such good friends with Jat. So after some fancy and clever antics done by Ken, he appeared to just float into the air to Oris. The group found themselves outside the door to where Jynx was being held. Two guards stopped our little band fast in its tracks, and even fast talking from Jat didn’t get them in. Yet seeing the worry on Jat’s face for his lost friend, Oris couldn’t not lend his strength for Jat’s cause. Lifting both guards, one in each hand, Oris knocked both their heads together. Finally he could let out a little of the rage that he had built up from finding Lily.

The blow did considerable damage, yet the strike from Ken knocked both down and through the door, and the group erupted into action. It didn’t take long before everyone was once again moving and on their way with Jynx. If only this was the extent of the trouble they would get into. They couldn’t know what would happen next.

After a night spent in the bar, finding some new leads and putting on a great show for everyone, the group was met with disaster. They awoke to find a large crowd outside around a burnt building. Moving forward, they saw the word ‘Anathema’ burnt clearly into the ground. Oris’s stomach dropped. The guards attempted to stop the group, but Oris and the wolf set them back. It became clear who it was; only one person had that frame. Lorna’s body was mangled, whipped, and burnt. They never should have come to Nexus. Amy clung to the front of Lorna’s body. Ken stared into nothing a blank mask. Jat attempted to pull Amy away, but she wouldn’t leave. Oris bubbled with rage. He was done. He had promised no one would hurt his family again, and this band of friends was his only family left. He wouldn’t lose them. Not again. Never again. They would pay. If only they had known what they had unleashed onto themselves.



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