The Dead Exalt

Session #2: Welcome to Nexus

Through the beautiful eyes of Jat (Nort)

I looked upon Amy as she kneeled down and stared angrily at our mangled friend Lorna‘s body. I placed my hand upon her shoulder. With my vivid and persuasive words, I convinced the young woman that we must get away from Lorna with haste. I knew Lorna wouldn’t want us to die here, too, and that she would want us to find her killers and Lily’s brother.

As we started walking, we discussed what we saw and the burned word that cause hate towards our kind. Quickly I changed the subject to more pressing matters that could lead us into the right direction. I pushed my beautiful red locks out of my face and said to my companions that we should head to the Little Market and shop around for some items and some food. We started on our walk, silent and angry.

After the long, five hour walk, we made it to the entrance of the Little Market. Carts and people of all kinds hurried about; merchants sold their wares to passing people. The air smelt of foods of all varieties. Our small party walked through the crowd only to be approached by a man who claimed to be a fish salesman. He said something about barrels, and Amy perked up. We walked into a tent to see huge barrels with fish pouring out of the tops.

Ken walked over and put his ear to one of them but heard no noise or movement. With Oris standing behind me like a strong shadow, Amy’s wolf smashed into one of the barrels. Fish spilled out onto the floor as the man cursed us and got right into my face, saliva spraying everywhere. I felt Oris shuffle behind me as he pushed the man back and said that he would fix the barrel for him, but the man demanded two barrels. Oris agreed, and the group, embarrassed and angry, walked back out of the tent.

Just then a group of soldiers came walking through the crowd, knocking people over and trampling an old man. Amy ran over and helped him up. The man told us that they are Realm soldiers, and they believe they are the cat’s pajamas. The man scurried off as Amy looked upon me with those pained eyes. I told everyone that the Night Market doesn’t open until later tonight, and we had plenty of time to kill until we could find Sol Marsh.

In a blink of an eye I was alone with my dear friend Jynx. Jynx stared at me, pulled his whiskers, and adjusted his monocle. With a smile he goes back to examining the scene. I needed to find some armor to protect my gorgeous body from evil, so I approached a clothing stall. Jynx found a very fine looking buff jacket. I looked it over with pure astonishment. I walked up to the old woman behind the stall and asked if I could purchase it, but the price was way too high. With my charm and wonderful smile, she agreed to let me have it if I deliver a small amount of material to the Big Market before tomorrow. I agreed and walked out with my new jacket and saw my big friend Oris with a bundle of sticks on his back.

Before we could discuss anything, we heard screaming, crashing, and a distinct growl from inside. We came running into the restaurant to see Ken standing over one of the soldiers from before and Amy’s wolf biting into another one’s arm. Oris ran into the room and tackled one to the ground as I let loose a knife into a man’s knee, causing him to knock himself out. The battle was over in seconds, and I stood behind Ken as he held up the last soldier by the scruff of his neck. After a few words, he let him go, and the man ran off. The restaurant erupted in cheers as they started serving us warm food and beer on the house.

At dinner I relayed the information about the old woman to the group, and we set off towards the old woman’s stall. Outside her stall were nine big boxes. My face turned red as I proclaimed that the woman said the delivery would be small. I tried picking up one of the crates, but I had hurt my leg in the battle and couldn’t carry it. Oris picked them up with ease and placed them on a cart, and we took off, only to hear a man scream in the distance about his cart.

We reached the Big Market, dropped off the goods, and got paid heavily for it. I promised the group I would take it back to the woman in the morning. We headed down an alley way and found a door. We knocked, and a nicely dressed fat man opened it. He pronounced that he was the owner and asked what he could do to help. I explained we were here to see his special goods, and I shook my new coin purse at him. After looking at his wares, we realized that this wasn’t the man for us. He told us where we could find Sol Marsh, and we promised him we’d take care of Sol for him.

We followed the fat man’s directions to a store front on a side street. We walked in, and Oris picked up some barrels that felt light. Words came out of a back door as a greasy, lanky, black-haired man came slithering out of the door. Something about him made my skin crawl. A conversation proceeded, and he told us we had come to the right place to buy slaves. However, Sol said I had to leave Jynx and my knives up here. I agreed because I had Oris with me, and I’ve seen what he can do to people with his fists.

Sol took us down some stairs and into a big room full of people tied up with chains, some hanging from the ceiling and some laying in their own filth. Oris placed his hand on my shoulder and squeezed; I knew I had to hurry. Sol showed us the young boys, and I saw a boy that looked almost exactly like Lily. Oris pointed and unshackled the boy.

I was about to hand my bag of coin to the rat as we heard a ruckus coming from up top. Oris and I walked up with Sol to see two bloody corpses laying on the ground; one was split in two. Ken was all bronze, breathing heavily atop a man with a sword wound through his chest. Sol screamed that he was his best customer just as Oris smashed his face into the ground with one punch. The two body guards that were with him stepped back and surrendered. They ran back into his office and grabbed his gold. Ken grabbed one by the shirt and asked what they saw here today. They both replied with nothing and ran off.

Ken smelt fire and ran out into the street toward a blazing building while we stayed and searched the bodies. Ken returned and told us he saw a burnt body with the same marking on the ground that were next to Lorna’s earlier that day and that two figures run into a manhole down the road. I shuddered and walked down the staircase.

An hour later we had released all two hundred slaves, who looked upon us with fear. I told them to wait here so we can go save the other people and kill the slavers. I told Bob, one of the slaves, not to open for anyone except if he hears the password “Bonanna.”

We ran over to the fat man’s slave outpost, and he was overjoyed to hear the news, but just as he sent his men over to round up the slaves, I stumbled and threw a knife over his head. He screamed as the rest of my friends leaped to action, knocking out the two body guards. We missed the slaver as he ran out the door. We chased after him only to see him talking to two soldiers. I looked upon my companions and thought of how screwed we are.



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