Young man who was cursed by being turned into a cat.


Jynx is five feet tall and looks like a man but instead of manly features looks like a siamese cat. He has human sized paws and long whiskers. He talks proper and knows all his mannerisms he talks in a deep proper voice. Jynx wears a top hat,, fancy clothing, and a monocle.


Jynx grew up in Noble from a rich family. Jynx came from a huge family and no one really paid attention to him very much. After Jynx was of age he set out on an adventure with two of his friends, they found a weird place and we’re captured. A fey captured them and turned his two friends into a dog person (Spark) and a bunny person (Lola) and they were sent off and Jynx never saw them again. The fey held Jynx for a year or so until he was “rescued” by pirates who were going to sell him into slavery but made a quick stop at a little island city. All he heard after they landed was screams and metal on metal until it was all quiet and a man with beautiful red hair came in and unlock his cell. Jynx promised to protect this man and be forever in his debt. All the man said is “Just be my companion and travel the world with me and we will keep each other safe”. Jat was the mans name and they are really good friends now and have been through a lot together but Jat helped this big man named Oris. He doesn’t know how to take Oris, he doesn’t say much.


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