Kensai "The Wandering Shadowy Shadow"


Kensai the Wandering Shadow

The man known as Kensai, lets call him Ken, was an orphan troublemaker in a small fishing village. The warm people of the village tried to put up with the delinquent, but had about enough of him after one too many thefts and painting of penises on sides of huts. Before they threw his ass out, a hermit ended up taking him in to teach him discipline. Luckily for Ken, this discipline was light on the beatings and heavy on learning swordsmenship and martial arts, for the hermit was a noble retired warrior.

Ken grew up to be a good, honest (relatively), respected (relatively) man. Years later the fishing villages was preyed upon by bandits, and it was demanded they pay tribute. The village scraped up just enough to sate the bandits, who would later come back for the rest. Once Ken heard about this, he grew furious and sneaked his way to the bandit camp, knocking one out and retrieving the bag of loot while the rest were in drunken stupors.

Apparently Ken didn’t think this through and the bandits returned to the village for pay back. Putting up a valiant effort, Ken was outnumbered by three opponents and was beaten to the ground soundly. To punish him for his crimes against the bandit kingdom, they decided to gather the villagers and pick out a girl to violate, forcing them and the helpless Ken to watch. Held down by multiple men, Ken was helpless. That’s when his forehead flared.

Kensai "The Wandering Shadowy Shadow"

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