Lorna "Eternally Thundering Axe"

Deceased member of their solar circle.


Lorna was once a member of a barbarian tribe in the forests to the east of most of the civilized parts of Creation. Her life consisted of pillaging and fighting to survive. She found herself facing the Fair Folk of the far east, brave human adventurers from the civilized lands, and rival barbarian clans. Suffice it to say, Lorna experienced a far different childhood than many girls her age.

Her security and happiness were taken away on her 14th birthday. On a routine foray into the wilderness, Lorna got separated from her two older brothers when they heard voices and told her to remain behind while they checked on their origin. As soon as they disappeared into the thickness of the forest, the poachers sprung their trap. Lorna found herself ensnared and knocked unconscious before she could even muster a breath.

When she awoke, she found herself in a small town at the edge of the wilderness in a wooden cage. She quickly became a source of entertainment for the town; like a caged beast she stalked back and forth as the slack-jawed masses gazed in awe. They tried to feed her scraps of food, poked her with sticks, and some even spat at her when she refused to entertain them.

This went on for two years. During that time, a young man her age took pity on her and sneaked to the cage after nightfall to keep her company. Over the years he taught her language and rudimentary writing.

One day the young man, whose name was William, rushed to her cage and warned her that she was to be sold to a slave trader in Nexus. Lorna could not hold back her fear; even as a barbarian she had known the name of the city of Nexus and knew that it only meant pain and death. Unable to bear her suffering, William left and came back with a pack of supplies and released her from her prison.

Together they escaped. It wasn’t long until they were followed by hired thugs. They traveled for days, avoiding the hired sword by using the environment to their advantage. Lorna knew how to navigate the wilderness; these men were far less capable.

They made their way to a clearing and came within a few days of a small settlement known as Pine Acre. That’s when things went badly. A group of swordsmen waited for them upon their exit from the forest. Their only options were to turn back into the forest or try and fight their way through. Without even thinking about it, Lorna lunged at her opposition with savage blood thirst. While she wrestled with two trained swordsmen, William was taken captive by a third. The men told her to stop or else they would kill William. She stopped, the men shackled her, but with a sick grim they killed William in cold blood.

That is when Lorna changed forever. Her body shone with a light as bright as the sun, and a symbol of a holy symbol appeared above her. She broke her bonds, slayed the swordsmen, and passed out.

She awoke in the home of a peasant family from Pine Acre. They let her stay until she recovered, but she quickly left as soon as her strength returned.

From that day she’s made it her goal to protect those that need help. She had to repay William’s kindness somehow.

Lorna "Eternally Thundering Axe"

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