Oris "Forsaken Heavenly Bronze"


1. Forsaken Heavenly Bronze or Oris has had a very rough life. He remembered well the days his father and brothers went out to raid. Roaming across the desert to find carvans and merchants. That all changed when he was six years old. Instead of doing the raiding his tribe was attacked and all his family save his younger sister were killed. The only reason they escaped such a fate themselves was the merchant leading the raid thought they would make fine slaves and good start to regaining his loses.

Oris was worked everyday after that, many so that he could spare his little sister. He toiled yet under the hot desert sun he grew. Oris was not a dumb he couldn’t escape his life nor leave his sister so instead he learned. The merchant dealt in gems and precoious materials. Over time Oris was trusted enough to learn to attempt crafting them himself. No a master yet he was aspiring to be one it would seem. Yet even so he was worked tirelessly and hauled the gems and ores through the desert many times becuase the mules where more valuable. Again Oris grew he towered over almost everyone he met at an astonishing 6’9" of corded lean black muscle.

2.Finally the day came were his sister was being whipped in the yard for some wrong doing. Oris simply couldn’t bare it anymore. He ran to his master and begged him to stop. Instead of doing so the master called out another forman and had him begin whipping the girl while he dealt with the giant ox. The masters whips went almost unnoticed, however the forman had a heavy hand. Seeing his sister killed before him broke something in Oris. He snapped Light flooded into him and then out and he shone a beautiful and awe inspiring Ox enblazed above him in gold and red. Everywhere his gaze fell the forman and the master the slaves gathered round caught fire and burned in glorius fire. Then Oris gather his sister and ran and ran and ran..

Oris ran into the desert of his youth to escape from being pursued. He didn’t know that from that day on he would be a wanted man. The Guild would have his head for what he had done to his former master. This wasn’t what concerned Oris at the time however. He focused on carrying his tiny little sister into the desert away from all those who harmed her. He didn’t want to think about what the voice had said in his head while he was being whipped. So he ran any which way, or so he thought. He was actually going an ancient ruin drawn in by its power that he sensed but didn’t fully comprehend. Which was when he fell into the sand dune. It wasn’t really a sand dune of course but a ancient ruin. A Manse to be exact long forgotten and laying out beyond a sane persons reach in the desert. That is where Oris stayed for a time he explored the ruin and found a wonderful necklace that he kept with him. It was also the place where he laid his sister to the final sleep. Where she could dream of happier days gone by. Oris explored the and looked in every nook and cranny of the place. He felt very at peace in it and would call it home for a time anyway, yet it couldn’t last forever. On an excursion looking for food a patrol found him and he had to leave behind his new found sanctuary but he vowed to one day return and restore it to its former glory. Rather than run any given direction he ran a way that he believed no one would suspect of him. He ran toward the Western Oceans in hopes to open a forage and start a life of his own in peace. Unfortunately his life would only start getting more complicated once he finally reached the coast.

Oris "Forsaken Heavenly Bronze"

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