Amy "Amythest Blind Sunrise"


Amethyst’s birth parents are a mystery to her. The popular rumor is that her mother was raped by her father, who was/is an Exalted of unknown origin. Amethyst does not know if her parents are living, dead, or undead. She was left for dead by the Vaniwayan River presumably by her mother. Fortunately she was found by a shaman of nearby village, who nursed her back to health and raised her as his own. The shaman is the only parent she truly has. Being the daughter of a shaman, Amethyst learned early on how to treat wounds and heal others. The shaman discovered she had a natural talent at such things. It was decided that once she was of age, Amethyst would travel the world to learn all she could of healing others.

One unfortunate day, her village was pillaged by bandits. They were a gruesome crew. The most fearsome were a small child-like creature and a druid of sorts who was missing an arm. The druid had busied himself by setting fire to pregnant women, raping donkeys, and setting off flares to alert authorities because he’s a dumbshit. Amethyst noticed the flares and headed back to her village in time to see the child-like creature bludgeon the shaman being to death with the druid’s missing arm. Most of the bandit crew seemed to be trying to stop the druid from doing more damage. It was too late. The world went purple and silent for Amethyst.

When she came to the bandits were strewn about her. Bits and pieces of them were thrown about the house she called home. She sat in a pile of blood by the shaman, holding a heart in her hands. She judged by the hole in the druid’s chest, it was his. Amethyst fed the druid’s heart to the shaman’s dire wolf, Ulrich, and began cleaning. Since it would take too long to bury each individual in her village, Amethyst simply set fire to the village. As the flames whipped around behind her, Amethyst set forth with Ulrich in hopes to find others who had survived at the hands of these bandits.

On Meeting Kensai.
During their travels, Amethyst and Ulrich set upon a trail of huts with odd shaped insignias on them. Amethyst thought the insignias looked like penises, very crudely drawn penises. Assuming they had been drawn by the bandits, Amethyst and Ulrich set forth on the trail of penis huts. At the end of the trail, they found a man in a straw hat surrounded by several dead bodies. Ulrich’s assumption was that the man was a bandit that caused all the damage. Upon seeing the mangled body of a young woman amongst the bodies, he was prepared to attack the man. Amethyst managed to stop Ulrich in time, explaining that the carnage of the bodies were similar to what she had done to the bandits. She healed the man in the straw hat and heard his story. Amethyst thought it would be best they travel together and avenge those that had suffered by these bandits. Ken begrudgingly agrees. So after collecting his panda, the four of them set out for adventures.

The Dire Wolf named Ulrich

Amy "Amythest Blind Sunrise"

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