Jat "Great Heavenly Treasure"


*Before turning Solar Exalt
Great Heavenly Treasure, but all his friends and family call him Jat, is 6”1 man, who has beautiful red hair and emerald green eyes, he wears fine clothes and is a normal weight. Jat is from a small island town close to the coast where he was the mayor and diplomat who traveled all over the area for politics. Jat was loved by everyone and always had many suitors due to his amazing looks and beautiful cheekbones. Jat cared deeply about every one of his citizens and considered a lot of them his family. Jat was also known to be very brave and always keep calm in the most dire situations. They use to say around his town that Jat could lead a horse to water and then convince him to drink it! Once they swear he talked a ferocious bear to go back into the woods and never come back. Jat being in his late 20’s could never find the right woman to settle down with, but dated many women. His younger brother went missing years ago and his parents were stricken with grief, only to die shortly after of old age and grief. Jat always loved to throw knives, he won some awards in local competitions for his knife throwing abilities.

How Jat turned Solar Exalt
Jat’s town was having their annual 3-day festival where everyone drinks and gets along for the whole duration of the festival when it happened… Pirates attacked the city and killed everyone, Jat tried to fight them off but was outnumbered and beaten to the ground. Jat flew up throwing knives into the pirates’ heads while a spider loomed over Jat’ head scaring the last pirate so bad he went into cardiac arrest. When Jat realized what he became, he was scared and alone as all his friends lay around him died or dying. He then heard someone screaming help from inside the pirate ship when he walked into the hold he saw a man that looked like a Siamese cat. As Jat was letting this creature out he said his name was Jynx and that the pirates have had him prisoner for weeks now. Jynx then swore that he will always protect Jat and serve him until his dying breath. Jat said this to Jynx “You won’t be my slave Jynx, you will be my friend” and then they hugged and high-fived at the same time.

Jynx the Amazing
Jynx is a 5”7 young man around the age of 20 who is nicely built. An evil Fae kidnapped him when he was very young and put a curse on him that made him look like a Siamese cat, Even with whiskers and claws that retract out of his fingers. When he was held captive by the Fae he was kept in the library where he read many books on different cultures, survival, dragon blood, but his favorite books were on the Solar Exalted. Jynx is also very good with people but doesn’t always have that much to say. He mainly loves his books and practicing with his bow and arrows. Jynx also wears a monocal and top hat because he is awesome.

After The Event
After Jat turned Solar Exalt he took the pirates ship and sold it to a captain for (two resource bubbles). Then Jat and Jynx walked off into the sunset hoping to find a place in this world and not get themselves killed. Maybe someday Jat will find a group of people or even friends to lead and help again. But he knows what they do to Solar Exalted.

Jat "Great Heavenly Treasure"

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