The Lady of Salt


The Lady of Salt is an aged woman in her sixties, but her body and face shows a strength despite her years. Her skin is somewhat pale, and the skin on her angular face is wrought with wrinkles. Her piercing yellow eyes are surrounded by dark, shadowed circles. Her shortly cut white hair sticks around her face like the straw of an old broom.


Hendrika Niesink, more commonly known as The Lady of Salt, is one of the nine rulers of The Guild in Nexus. From a young age she has worked as a slaver and worked her way quickly in the ranks of The Guild.

She arrives after the Exalted heroes dispatch of her police force. She drags two slaves at her side, and it is discovered that one of them is Jat‘s younger brother. The heroes make a deal to stop getting in the way of the Nexus slave trade in order to get information on who killed Lorna and the return of Jat’s brother.

The Lady of Salt

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