The Dead Exalt

Session #3:

The abrupt stop brought dust around the rag tag group. Ken cursed under his breath as they came upon the slaver, the coward taking shelter behind two guards. With Amy‘s caste symbol glowing bright, the group’s identities were obvious. Not wanting to explain himself, or let justice slip away from a slaver, Ken ran forward, jumped, and stomped upon a guardsman’s face. Slamming down with his sword, Ken skewered the slaver and continued with his run, taunting the guardsmen to give a chance for the others to run.

“You just…..left the slaves up there? Still in shackles?” Ken looked at the others. They had tracked him to the sewer where he had laid low. Apparently they decided finding him was a priority, which was probably a first for Kensai. Ken would have preferred to search the sewers, the perpetrators of the fire having used them. In the end they decided to leave Amy and Oris to search.

Up above Ken and Jat returned to the slaves, though they were unsure what to do with them. Jat came up with a plan to utilize barrels to smuggle the slaves to freedom. Not wanting to dedicate the time that would take, Ken persuaded him to instead have the guard force release them, slavery being illegal in Nexus after all.

Regrouping once again in the sewers, Ken and Jat discovered the others had found a subterranean village. Esmerelda, the village elder, apparently had already set them on a mission. She took Oris’s blood for some unknown reason, but they assumed it would be very bad if they did not complete the task given. Throwing her bones, a map appeared before them of the sewer tunnels. Ken blinked at it, dubious about making sense of the maze, but Jat was sure he could figure it out.

Using the directions given, the group came upon an encampment of tents surrounding a huge fire. Sneaking into the camp, Ken made his way into one of the tents, curious as to what manner of enemy they face. He found out all too quickly as a naked woman turned to look at him. She was heavy with muscle and was in the process of chewing on a human leg, a small one that appeared to have belong to a child. The death of another child, the burn victim in the city, was still fresh in Ken’s mind, and this new act of child murder drew him to instant violence.

The others must have been confused for a moment, as the back of a tent burst open with two chunks of cannibal barbarian exploding out of it. Among the ruins of the shredded tent, Kensai held firm and glowered at the rest of the barbarians, towering sword over his shoulders. Joining the battle, Oris, Kensai, and the others were able to take down the rest of the barbarians with relative ease, keeping the surviving captives safe.

That’s when the leader, Krillig, decided to show himself, accompanied by two rather large men as back up. Kensai was happy with getting the captives back to safety but made sure to give a rude gesture to the man as they ran. Turning a corner Ken changed his mind; after all if this leader is still around, are the underground people….. Ken guessed he would call them morlocks…. Would these morlocks truly be safe? Suddenly stopping, Ken waited at the corner, sword at the ready. As the enemy approached he swung, but the foe saw through the ruse and had thrown a corpse in Ken’s way. Another battle ensued, far more difficult than the last. Oris had been able to hold the alpha barbarian in a grapple while Kensai speared the man through. The group stumbled back to the morlock village, heavily injured but now with the freed captives of the cannibal barbarians.

The village greeted them warmly, happy to see their loved ones returned. The village elder gave Oris back his blood and rubbed in healing ointment to treat his wounds. Kensai talked Amy into treating him the same way, but it was much less pleasant than he pictured.

Kensai confronted the village elder about two morlocks he had spotted running from the fire in the city. She agreed to let him and Jat speak with them. Using a harsh good guardsmen/bad guardsmen routine, mostly because it entertained Ken, Jat and Ken were able to interrogate the two men and find out that they had nothing to do with the fire, but did hear an odd voice from the actual murderer.

Once they returned back to the surface, the group decided to check on the slaves that were given to the guardsmen to be freed. Tracking down the guard they spoke to, they found a barracks. Inside it was revealed that their commander, Adolf, had imprisoned the slaves, and Bob, the slaves’ de facto leader, was missing. Jat attempted to sweet talk Adolf to learning more, but he was quickly turned away. Once outside, Jat explained what he saw, and Kensai barged in, anger and guilt swelling over him.

WHY ARE YOU ALL BEHIND BARS? WHAT HAPPENED? AND WHERE THE $@#! IS ”/characters/bob-27" class=“wiki-content-link”>BOB?!" Kensai screamed at the slaves before turning his glare towards Adolf. Adolf warned Kensai that he would be arrested for causing trouble. The slaves shouted that Bob was killed. Kensai gripped his blade.

“Well if you’re going to arrest me, I guess you will have to disarm me. Come on… Take my sword….” Kensai looked at Adolf with a sadistic grin, one devoid of any real humor. Within a minute guard bodies littered the barracks, the group of Exalted standing over them. One remaining guardsmen ran for the back door, and Kensai chased him. Once he was caught, Ken tried to pry answers from the man, but they were interrupted when he saw a group of heavily armed men and a woman making their way into the front door of the barracks.

“What is a guild member doing here?!?” The guardsmen cried.



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