The Dead Exalt

Session 4

Written by Sam, aka Amy “Amythest Blind Sunrise”.

She walked by with two humans at her sides. They were gaunt, barely clothed, and shackled to her like dogs. I think if they were dogs, she’d have treated them better. Oris noticed her, and his whole being seemed to radiate disgust. Jat suggested he be the one to take the liberated out of Nexus, alone. I had no arguments with that plan and surprisingly neither did Ken. We bade farewell to Oris and headed toward the woman.

She was a guild member. One of nine, her guards informed us. She looked about fifty years old, extremely angular face, wore a straw hat, and was named the Lady of The Salt. She spent a lot of time staring at me. I’m not sure if it was my age or if my cast mark was showing again. My party members…Ken, Ken needs to stop getting into death or death situations.

While she stares at me, Jat steps forward and calms I’m his slave. She comments on my looks. I see why she was staring at me. Sex slaves bring more money than normal slaves. Jat had just saved my life. I owe him.

Jat seems distracted the closer he gets to the Lady of Salt. I suddenly realize why, the male slave looks like him. I say nothing, after all in this moment I am a slave. She recognized us as the ones causing her issues on her slave trade business. She informed us of a civility wanting to remove and ban us from Nexus. We were given a mission by her. I can’t recall the exact details, mostly because if we’re genuinely double crossing her the less I know the better. We complete the mission, she said, we would be allowed to come and go in Nexus. We would also get the male slave, who was Jat’s brother. She gave us instructions on how to find our friend and the other bodies that had been stolen. I wish I could have closed my eyes. This much suffering was getting to me. Our conversation ends with the Lady of The Salt, and we set off with her guards toward the dock.

Jat and I tried to make small talk with the guards. They’re names were Cletus and Travis. Cletus did not say two words to us. Travis was somewhat talkative. We found out that he and Cletus were merceneries. They worked for the Guild because the Guild paid a lot. I asked about the Lady of The Salt. Travis informed me she has been in the slave trade for 40 years. Her name was given to her because nothing she sells ever rots. I had heard of a merchant magic that could preserve meat. I shudder to think about that, humans reduced to meat. I want her dead. We finally arrive at the dock.

Ken flashed some jade, and we acquired a boat. Pleasant introductions were given for the most part. Woody was the name of our captain, and that was fitting since the poor soul had fake arms and legs. Jat and Ken both introduced themselves. Before I could say my name, Ken piped in with “Small Tits.” I’m not sure why I tolerate Ken. Not every woman has gigantic breasts. I think he forgets I’m not that old, barely 17. My body’s not fully developed. He’ll be sorry when it is. I shrug it off. No point in arguing with him.

Talking with Woody, we discover that the Guild normally checks boats, but was bribed out of checking the black vessel we were after. I headed toward the crew to heal them and mend any wounds. I’m not sure what Jat and Kensai did. I think Jat got sea sick. Jynx spent most of his time on the boat talking to Woody. He seemed very adept to sailing, probably a good thing if we become captainless.

While mending to the sick and wounded, I learned that theLady of The Salt was the only active member of the Guild. Two others of the nine that were note worthy were Blossoms On The Night Breeze and Gavin Bast. Blossoms is rumored to be a spirit creature with horns. Gavin is said to be an Earth aspect Dragon Blooded. He is the only known Exalted member of the Guild. I asked about the Sunless Folk. No one knows much. This seems to be a trend. We eventually arrive at the black vessel.

We bade farewell to Woody, who promised to return in 2 days to retrieve us. Ken leaps onto the vessel without issue. I climb on Ulrich’s back and assist Jat up and tell Ulrich to leap upon the vessel. The wolf doesn’t make it. He took a running start and suddenly became frightened. He stops, slams into the side of the vessel and knocks both Jat and I off his back. Ken is nowhere to be seen at this moment. I managed to climb back onto Ulrich. We had to save Jat from drowning. Back on shore we reunite with Ken, who just shrugs at us.

As we traveled in town, we ran across a girl we had saved. Her family wanted to thank us for saving her, so we joined them for dinner. The meal was the best they could offer, and I felt bad eating it. Not because it wasn’t good food, but because they were a family of limited means. We gathered from the family that there were strange occurrences in the north east. We thanked them for the meal. Ken made a threat towards anyone wishing to harm their daughter. And we headed in the direction of the occurrences.

On our journey we stumbled upon what we assumed were zombies. They weren’t. I recognized the energy around being necrotic energy. I wasn’t sure what or who was affecting them. The couple told us a story of a man named Barrow Black. Black was a bandit and slave seller. He was killed by an out casted Dragon blooded named Larek, who was a member of House Synis. I ask if there was a way to contact Larek. The couple told us he and his crew hang around the outskirt of town protecting the town. I healed them. We thanked them and headed toward the outskirts of town.

We found Larek chopping wood. He’s not an unattractive man. He killed Black because he demanded tribute from a free town. Ken being Ken, head butted him. I can’t recall why. I think that’s how Ken says hello. Before any real fighting can happen, I step in and heal Larek, which doesn’t set well with Ken. Jat doesn’t say anything.

I move on to heal the rest of his crew. My travel companions inform me that there is a place nearby of Exalted power, and it was inactive due to safeguards. They and Larek believe the people we are looking for are there. I ask Larek who amongst his crew is the strongest. He points to a large man named Merrick. I approach him and cast bronze skin. Jat and Ken were visibly upset with me. Larek looked apprehensive. Blazing like a bonfire, I turned them and said, “Think of this as gesture of good will. We have granted the safety of the village and his crew this way.” Ken yelled something about me wasting my energy. I ignored him. We set off toward the hill of Exalted power.

The conversations with Larek were strained. I can’t say I blame him. I’ve heard stories of Dragon Blooded. I tried to be as pleasant as possible. I believe on judging people based on themselves alone and not what the group as a whole has done. Ken grumbled ahead of the trail, ignoring Larek and I. Jat walked along uncomfortably. I managed to find out from Larek that the Lady of the Salt’s amulet radiates magic. (I imagine if we can get that removed from her, we can stop her. ) I asked him questions about his aspect, mostly if I was right in guessing he was a wood aspect Dragon Blooded. He sounded wounded when he said “Yes”. I told him I didn’t mean to insult him, I had just read about wood aspects. Not him exactly but wood aspect Dragon Blooded. He said I would read about him one day.

We finally reached the source of Exalted Power. We fought off zombies, automatons, and bandits. All the fighting was a blur to me. Ken and Larek would make an excellent team if they could agree with each other. Amongst the chaos, we found out that Barrow Black is the leader of the bandits. I think there’s an assumption that it’s an imposter since Larek killed Black. We begin looking for imposter (Off-Black?)

The room we are in has a sundial that is used to move stair cases around to different doors. The first door contains on its floor my caste mark. The caste mark was set deep into ground. In the middle of the ground sits a coffin with old realm runes on it. Guarding the coffin was a bloody horse. The horse also has old realm runes and razor blades. Ken and Larek defeat the horse. I tell them that the runes on the coffin are a sealing spell. The ones on the horse were a summoning spell. The exact words on the tomb were:

No hero lies in this vessel
For she Demon of Yozi

I know Yozi are powerful demons used by the Twilight caste in summoning. The woman in the coffin is stunning. Her tiara and robe have binding runes on them. Whoever put her here didn’t want her leaving. When we opened the casket, her body disappeared. I’m not sure where she went, so we move onto the next room.

The second room is a night caste room. Stone table, stone coffin. The room itself is a giant trap. Jat and Jynx manage to disarm it. Ken and Larek retrieve the child inside the coffin. He cradles a golden bow. Ken recognizes the boy as being one he thought he saved. He vows vengeance on whoever did this to the child. We move onto a third room.

In the third room we find Barrow Black and a woman in white robes. The woman in white was Red Death’s sister. Ken asked her if she was going to die like a bitch like her brother did. I don’t know what happened after that. I was attacked. The woman in white hit me with something. I was thrown off of Ulrich, and as I slammed into the floor I saw Ulrich leap towards her to attack her.

After that, I just remember the smell of blood and darkness. I should probably start casting Bronze Skin on myself. I hope Ken, Jat, Jynx, and Larek survived. We could use Oris. I hope he’s ok.



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